2012 Distinguished Service Award

We are pleased to announce that Howard L. Gum was awarded the Family Law Section’s Distinguished Service Award, at the North Carolina Bar Association’s Family Law Section Annual Meeting in early May. The Family Law Section Distinguished Service Award is not given annually. In fact, it has not been awarded since 2000 and only seven times prior to that. In addition to Howard L. Gum, Raleigh attorneys Carlyn G. Poole and John H. Parker were recognized for their distinguished effort toward the elevation of the practice of family law in North Carolina, and also received the Distinguished Service Award.Charlotte attorney Fred A. Hicks, describing the award said:

The award was made to those … that have consistently over years invested their intellect, talents, energy, time and emotions to the advancement of and to elevate the practice of Family Law for other lawyers, clients and citizens of North Carolina without consideration of reward. These folks have been innovators, pushers, workers for families, children and the common folks/citizens in an area that has been demeaned and described when I started practice as “dirty law.” They did not just go through the motions, or attend CLE that others worked to provide, but joined with others to discuss, plan and provide CLE and legislative proposals to advance Family Law in NC through teaching, drafting and writing, speaking and serving. Each of this years folks were long over due in receiving this award.

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