The Family Law Practice at Gum, Hillier & McCroskey

The Family Law practice at Gum, Hillier, & McCroskey, P.A., involves, primarily, issues relating to marriage dissolution including:

We can help you make the most informed decisions to form lasting resolutions to your families’ challenges. We have been representing families and individuals through their most difficult and trying times since 1979. Dedicated and professional, our lawyers and staff are aware of the emotional distress and uncertainty epic change like divorce and financial turmoil cause. We have created tools and an environment conducive to helping you manage stress through knowledge and understanding, calm direction and guidance through the upheaval. Together with Dave Hillier, the firm’s specialist in bankruptcy law, we help our clients to creatively resolve their problems so that successful futures can be mapped out.

The lawyers at Gum, Hillier & McCroskey offer a half century of combined family law experience. Our partners are Board Certified Specialist in Family Law and our lawyers are skilled in every element and issue that may arise in the course of planning your future or ending your marriage in divorce.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Dissolving a marriage requires that everyone work together so that a bad situation does not get worse. It is in both sides’ best interests to act in a civilized, courteous manner, and to negotiate in a way that will defuse tensions, avoid hostility, and maximize the ability of the parties and the attorneys to arrive at a fair and reasonable settlement. Experienced family law attorneys know, and countless studies confirm, an agreement negotiated between the parties is the best possible outcome, because it allows the fine tuning of matters that courts are ill-equipped to resolve. A negotiated settlement almost always costs less than a litigated one.

In a small percentage of cases, despite everyone’s best efforts, settlement cannot be reached. This may be due to the parties’ unrealistic expectations, a dispute over the facts or the law, novel circumstances or issues, or the unwillingness of one or both the parties to be reasonable. No settlement will be reached without your input and approval. Whatever the reason settlement may not be obtained, we are primarily trial lawyers. We are as comfortable in that environment as we are having lunch.

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